Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

I remember having to wait years between Star Wars films, ten years between Revenge of the Sith and The Force Awakens in particular, now we get them ever year, like a sci-fi Christmas, except this one has come just 6 months after the last one. In this film we jump back in the timeline once … Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Story Review


Deadpool 2 Review

I think we all knew what to expect from this. I don't think anyone expected, or wanted, Pride and Prejudice from this film, no we wanted more of what we got last time: hilarity, vengeance and a whole lot of nasty language. Story After the events of the first movie, Wade settles into his new … Continue reading Deadpool 2 Review

Marvel Cinematic Universe Retrospective – Phase One

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and to celebrate this, and the run-up to Infinity War, I'll be taking a look at every film released in the MCU at this point, starting from the very beginning. Note: Due to the sheer number of films covered, these reviews won't be as … Continue reading Marvel Cinematic Universe Retrospective – Phase One